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Our Programs

Temper Programs

The qualities that underpin physical performance have been utilised by athletes and their coaches to achieve competitive success for decades. We believe you do not have to be an athlete to train like one, as there is no greater incentive or ``competition`` than life itself. Each class at Temper is varied in terms of workout modality (movement), timeframe, intensity and intent according to a well-structured long-term program. Every class includes a group warm up and cool down, and is time structured to ensure program goals and intent are met. We don't have a one size fits all policy at Temper. During the class the coach will work with members individually to ensure they are confident in their movements and have chosen workout options or progressions that will ensure they get the most from their class. Temper offers two streams of programming that develop and challenge physicality.

Temper Strength

Life requires strength. Strength to pick yourself up off the ground, carry a child, be useful to others. Temper Strength aims to increase an individual’s ability to apply force in order to overcome an equal or greater force, or to resist unwanted movement using both the individuals’ own bodyweight and external loads. Improving strength improves most physical performance measures whilst simultaneously reducing a persons risk of injury.

Strength classes will utilise powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, elastic resistance, odd objects, plyometrics and resistance weight training. Our goal is to increase strength in the following areas:

  • Control and stability: The ability to control and stabilise the muscles and joints during movement (and limit unwarranted movement).
  • General strength: General strength/ resistance training under pins most changes in muscle function and provides the foundation for dynamic performance training for more advanced athletes.
  • Maximal strength: Maximal strength is the ability to overcome or resist high levels of force.
  • Power or speed-strength: Power refers to the ability to generate high levels of force as quickly as possible. It is a function of speed and strength.
  • Power/strength-endurance: Power/strength-endurance is the ability to sustain power/force levels over long time periods.

Temper Conditioning

Your body has different gears just like an engine; from walking the dog, to hiking a hill, or outrunning danger. Temper Conditioning aims to increase the efficiency of each of the bodies energy systems, whilst simultaneously improving physiological health metrics so we can change and sustain gears like butter. This is done using the individuals own bodyweight, applying external loads, and moving seamlessly and effortlessly through space.

The objective of the conditioning program is to improve performance and health outcomes by increasing the efficiency of each energy system. Workouts will vary in duration, volume and intensity to promote the greatest physiological adaptations.

Conditioning classes will utilise gymnastics, athletics, interval training, Olympic weightlifting, resistance training. Our goal is foster improvements in the following areas:

  • Speed: Speed is the ability to perform a motor skill as rapidly as possible. It is the ability to move quickly, which is an essential quality in many sports. Reaction time is the ability to respond rapidly to a stimulus.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning: still working on this
  • Stamina: still working on this
  • Agility: Agility is the ability to change direction rapidly without a significant loss of speed, balance, or body control. Agility fitness combines power, strength, balance, flexibility, reaction time, coordination, anticipation, and muscular control.